Dear Self, Thank You.

Thank you for giving me a sense for a new beginning. I will organize things, one by one, starting with the apartment and then make a precise plan for the other things.

Thank you for trusting me that I needed a break of not doing anything.

Thank you for giving me the will to continue into finishing all the things pending on my mind.

Thank you for sustaining of opening new career windows, I have already a lot.

Thank you for allowing me to experiment with making priorities.

Thank you for insisting on meditating.

Thank you for the health and the strength you give me so I can run, five kilometers with eight kilometers per hour. Marathon in sight, YAY!

Thank you for the love from and for the most awesome husband and sons.

Thank you for my hair – never been better.

Thank you for having my mom being as sweet as never before.

Thank you for the great time with my in-laws.

Thank you for finding the right people (and shows) for me.

Thank you for the books.

Thank you for the writing.

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