While I Was Gone

While I was gone, I gained some weight, my son enriched his vocabulary with new words. I am still working on what I was working, but I also started applying for jobs. Somebody told me it gets 200 times to apply 20 to be interview and 2 to jobs to get, i.e. to chose from. Now, anyone who have ever read one of those articles named “how to spot a liar,” would know that I manipulated this information – because my facts were simplified. Not only that they are even numbers, but also they each start with the number 2. I also am aware that I am absolutely not allowed to write numbers with a number and not words if I want to be taken seriously, but meh, this is my blog, and I already lied to you.
But you do get the hyperbole, right? I am not away from the truth, what is the difference if the number of the interviews was 187, still – it sucks.
So I was saying that I am about to start walking that road, and I will start sending short stories to magazines as well. Have not done my research in that field yet, but short story seekers – here I come.

For now, though, I should finish what I have started, wrap it up and leave it behind.
And yes, I should lose weight.

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