Flexible vs Malleable

Let it stand here


The Orwellian decay of our language is a common subject in the orthosphere.  Ambiguous and equivocating definitions make it near impossible to engage people in meaningful ways; every word becomes a lie of omission.  Usually, this is viewed as a pretty sinister thing, a la the IngSoc motto from 1984:




But it can also take more mundane forms in everyday life.  The inability to think clearly, or perhaps more accurately, the failure to notice unclear thinking, can lead us astray as well.

Flexibility is a virtue extolled by our culture.  “Roll with the punches.”  “Adapt and overcome.”  Do what it takes to succeed.  “Lean in.”  Pick your phrase.

In the name of flexibility, you change your routine.  You change your gym time from the morning to the afternoon, or cut it from 5 days a week to 3.  You cook…

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