How Far with Minimalism You Can Go?

It’s Saturday,
The few towels that our three member’s family owns are dirty in the huge pale of laundry in the corner of the bathroom.
The six plates that we own are in the sink, sinking in a warm water. CLEAN US, CLEAN US!
As soon as I finish with writing this blog entry, as part of my daily practice of English, I will go and do them. I’ll DO IT, I’ll DO IT!

When I’ll finish with the dishes, I’ll collect my son’s few toys that are all around the apartment. (I wonder if he positioned them strategically all around the flat,to mark his territory and make us to not forget him while he is sleeping). They are so few, yet everywhere. What was that word I learned just recently? Ubiquitous.
My son’s toys are the guardians of our flat-galaxy.

It sounds like I could have finished my chores for the time needed to report my duties in this blog. Of course I could have done it,and I would have been SUPER wrong. Because of ideas like this one, I have stopped doing the thing that injects life in my veins. Writing.

Chores can wait, I will finish and publish this even if I have to go in a swimsuit to the opening of my friend’s exhibition which is in two hours from now.

Though, the swimsuit is dirty in the pale of laundry mentioned above, as well – so that is out of option.

Naturally, now, I wonder whether it was a right decision to get rid from things, and live a life as minimalists.

The reality is this, when there are no clean towels, I reach for my husband’s t-shirt to dry myself. Now, he is minus one t – shirt, and the balance is ruined.
Then, when we are out of plates, we use the huge salad bowl to place few pickles in it when we eat dinner. On the end of the meals, after eating an omelet, the kitchen looks like I just prepared a meal for a food bank. All of the biggest pots are outside, used. For the omelet.

When it comes to get rid of clothing that you don’t use: I am down to few clothing combinations, that at this point if I wear my red jacket once again to a public event, which of course will appear on Facebook, my friends will start sending clothing donations to me.

And so what if the apartment can be organized in 30 minutes when my brain is cluttered with ideas, things to do, questions, titles of books that I want to read, stories that I want to write, movies I want to see, articles I need to read. Which PhD program to choose? What to wear to the event of my friend?

Time to get ready, it looks like the red jacket will be, I’ll change the make up, oh shoot, I have only one leap stick.

4 hours after this post I ma researching on getting rid of tings, strangely I feel like I need to get rid from even more. Is there a thing where you can go to the extremes of being minimalist? Like an addict?

Anyways, here are the most useful texts I found on the net:

Living Simply: The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Your Clutter

The Life Cycle of a Minimalist

9 Lies that Keep Our Schedules Overwhelmed

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